1. Parent’s cooperation is solicited in maintaining punctuality, regularity and discipline at all school functions.
  2. Parents or their servants are not allowed to enter classrooms during school hours.
  3. Parents are requested to see that their wards come to the school in neat and clean prescribed uniform.
  4. Parents are requested not to summon their children during school hours except under special circumstances. Only written requests from parents to let off the child before the school closes will be entertained.
  5. Parents are required to look into the Homework Diary every day and ensure that the lessons and the homework assigned for the next day are done regularly by their wards Remarks made in the homeword Diary should be acknowledged and countersigned regularly by the parents.
  6. If the parents feel that their ward is not making desired progress, they should make it a point to discuss it with the Principal/class teacher/subject teacher on parents Teacher Meeting. There will be teaching on Fee-day.
  7. No complaints shall be entertained if the students are turned back or punished for his/her repeatedly coming late or Improper uniform or forgetting to bring books and copies.
  8. Parents are expected to inform the school for any change in their address/phone number.
  9. Criticism of a teacher of his/her school in presence of the child should be avoided because it causes the student to lose respect for his/her teacher and school.
  10. Parents are expected to participate regularly in school functions whenever they are invited.
  11. Private tuitions are not encouraged. Parents are requested not to engage teachers of this school as private tutors of their wards.
  12. In case of any infectious disease in the child, the parents must report the fact to the Principal at once and should not send the child to the school.
  13. In order to secure the best academic atmosphere in the school campus maximum co-operation between parents and school authorities is essential.
  14. Parents must ensure that their ward take part in all the activities of the school.
  15. Visitors are not allowed to meet the teachers in their respective classrooms.
  16. If the parents have any genuine complaint, it may be brought to the notice of the Principal in writing.
  17. Parents are periodically kept informed about the students performance and suggestions for the improvement.
  18. Students are also guided in study skills to increase the efficiency of their efforts. They are discouraged from going for extra coaching outside the school unless absolutely needed.
  19. Rules and regulations of the school, regarding student and parental behaviour and conduct are strictly enforced.