1. Individual and personal attention is given to every child. Class work and homework is carefully checked every day. Monthly tests are held to monitor the progress of the children regularly. Question papers are designed in such a way that discourage cramming. Cramming may fetch good marks in ICSE/ISC, but it does not help in life or in competitive examinations.
  2. A full-fledged Direction and inspection Department ensures proper teaching standards and discusses issues and advocates new practices.
  3. Home work Diary system of our school is very unique and helpful to teachers as well as parents.
  4. Through different procedures, the school attempts to offer an opportunity for the
  5. Optimum development of children and to display their talents and latent potentials. In order to ensure individual care to all students, an ideal students to teacher ratio 20:1 is maintained.
  6. Teaching by trained dedicated and salaried teachers through modern methods, teaching aids audio-visual makes students to go hi-tech through the usage of latest software’s in Information Technology.
  7. The School strictly follows the curriculum and co-curricular objectives as prescribed in the syllabuses of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi.
  8. Teaching is done thoroughly so that the child does work on his/her own and mistakes are minimized. Through feed back and timely copy corrections are done regularly. The teacher marks what is right and appreciates the child for that ; then he/she marks what is wrong and guides the child to discover the correct answer and make corrections on his own. This develops self confidence and self-reliance.
  9. The teacher plans his/her lesson and discusses them with the head Mistress. This enhances his/her efficiency and effectiveness.
  10. Career guidance is given periodically. Students of higher classes are provided with Counseling and information on career choices.