1. Children will not be allowed to enter the school campus without proper uniform.
  2. At the sound of first bell students must Assembled In Ground immediately for assembly, where they will pray in common, listen to the Principal’s talk and notice attentively and move silently to their classrooms. Presence of every student in the assembly is compulsory. Late comers may not be allowed to enter without the Principals permission.
  3. Every child is urged to contribute to the values and standards of the school by his/her conduct, discipline and commitment to studies.
  4. All the correspondence is to be addressed to the Principal.
  5. 5 No jewelry is to be worne except a wristwatch and no make-up of any kind is to be used. Nails are to be kept short.
  6. Students should keep their bicycles/scooters in the school cycle stand shed properly locked. School authorities will not be responsible for any loss of unlocked cycles/scooters kept in the cycle-shed.
  7. It is compulsory for students to participate in school functions, sports, cultural and literary activities. For at least one function per year, the child will have to get a dress or costume made, as desired by the Principal.
  8. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and other belongings. All the belongings of the student should bear their name and class. The school will not be responsible for any loss of books, money, clothes and other articles by the students.
  9. Parents/guardians are not authorized to interview the class teacher or subject teacher without the permission of the Principal.
  10. No student will be allowed to leave the school during working hours unless a responsible or known person comes for her/him with a letter from the parents.
  11. For fluency in speaking English, the children are encouraged to talk with their teachers and among themselves in English in and out of the school.
  12. Monthly notices of information’s are regularly distributed to the students and parents are requested to comply with these.
  13. Principal is authorized to take any disciplinary action against an erring child and may call the parents.
  14. Principal is authorized to change the time-table or change the premises etc.
  15. Any damage to school property will have to be made good by the student individually or collectively.
  16. A student whose name has been struck off the rolls for absence and who has been a habitual late comer or persistently careless or undisciplined may not be re-admitted in the school.
  17. The Principal has the right to suspend a student. The Principal may also ask the parents/guardians to withdraw their child from the school if his/her conduct or progress is not satisfactory.
  18. Irregular attendance, negligence of homework, habitual lack of interest in school work, stealing, misconduct even outside the school premises, willful repeated breach of school regulations, disobedience and disrespect to teachers are sufficient reasons for the removal of the student from the school.
  19. Any legal complication (civil or criminal) shall be settled in the court of Lucknow only as per registered constitution of the school.
  20. The School authorities are responsible for the safety and security of students within School Campus only.